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Ready to invest in your very own cloth diapers to use and launder, buy here and now!



100% Cotton Cloth Diaper


Our newborn 2x6x2 diapers are for babies 4-10 lbs. These diapers are absorbent and great to also use as doublers or wipes.  Then recycle it to polishing cloths.

$24 for one dozen




Newborn (4-9 lbs.) & Small (6-11 lbs.)

We have a newborn covers that fit 4-9 lbs and small covers for 6-11 lbs.  Our poly-cotton blend covers are comfortable for baby and make changing easy for you.   Prints available:  Hospital with umbilical cut-out, Circus (shown), White, Cars & Boats, Hearts and Kitty.

$10.50 each





100% Cotton Cloth Diaper


Our regular 4x6x4 diapers are the largest size we carry, it fits keiki 15-30 lbs. These diapers are also great for burp cloths, embellishment, embroidery and then recycled for cleaning or polishing cloths.

$48 for one dozen



Cloth diapers are super absorbent and make great cleaning cloths!

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