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Anela "Angel" Wings

This fold can be used with either infant or toddler-size prefolded diapers.  It gives excellent absorbency and a trim fit.

For the heavy wetter, two diapers at a time may be needed.  Follow the same instructions but stack two diapers to create the Double Anela "Angel" Wings.

1.  Fold the sides of the diaper across the center panel to form a pad.


2.  Fold a small portion of the diaper up in the front.

3.  Unfold the sides at the back of the diaper to form the wings.


4.  Place the diaper under the baby.  Bring the front of the diaper up between the baby's legs.

5.  Bring the wings around from the back and pin or secure diaper cover.  Be sure to push the pin through only a few layers of fabric.  It is not necessary to push the pin through all the layers of the diaper.

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